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Piano Technology

Piano Technology

The piano technology team at The Royal Conservatory has been maintaining the pianos for performance and learning since the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning opened in 2008. The piano technology team (Team RCM) is responsible for bringing the pianos at the Conservatory to an optimum level, so each instrument functions to its fullest potential and speaks to its audience with fluidity and artistry. This is only achieved with support from faculty, students, and administrators, and with strong communication and relationships with outstanding musicians who utilize this magnificent facility.

The responsibilities of the RCM piano technology team include:


Proper care for pianos – including labour, parts, supplies, and tools – requires a significant financial commitment. The goal of the program is not only to maintain our fleet of instruments, but also to expand our current inventory to include a larger variety of pianos. Donations make our goal our reality. To learn more about donating to the piano technology program at The Royal Conservatory, please contact Inquiries.