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kairy koshoeva


kairy koshoeva

RCM Certified
My name is Kairy Koshoeva, and I am a passionate musician with a deep love for performing and teaching piano. Music has always been an integral part of my life, and I have dedicated my career to honing my skills as a performer and educator. I began my musical journey in Moscow, where I pursued and received terminal degrees in piano performance. The rigorous training and education I received in Moscow laid a strong foundation for my future endeavors. However, I felt the need to explore new opportunities and expand my horizons, which led me to move to this country. Upon arriving in this country, I was fortunate to be accepted on a full scholarship at the prestigious Oberlin Conservatory to Artist Diploma program, following my Doctoral Degree at UMKC-Conservatory of Music. This marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life. This country provided invaluable experiences, exposure to diverse musical styles, and opportunities to collaborate with talented musicians worldwide. As an immigrant, I have faced numerous challenges along the way. However, my passion for music has always been my driving force, pushing me to overcome any obstacles that came my way. I firmly believe that music transcends borders and cultures, and it is through music that we can connect with others on a profound level. In addition to my passion for performing, I have discovered a deep love for teaching piano. Sharing my knowledge and expertise with aspiring musicians brings me immense joy and fulfillment. I find great satisfaction in witnessing the growth and progress of my students as they develop their musical abilities. Over the years, I have also had the opportunity to serve as a judge for various piano competitions. This experience has further refined my understanding of musical interpretation, technique, and performance. It has also given me a unique perspective on evaluating performances and providing constructive feedback to young musicians. Continuing education is of utmost importance to me. As a lifelong learner, I am committed to constantly improving myself in music education. Whether attending workshops, participating in masterclasses, or pursuing further academic studies, I am dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest pedagogical approaches and techniques. Being part of the music world is a privilege that I am immensely grateful for. It allows me to contribute to the education of the younger generation and inspire them to pursue their musical passions. I firmly believe that music can transform lives, and I am committed to making a positive impact through my performances, teaching, and mentorship. In conclusion, my journey as a musician has been shaped by my passion for performing, teaching, and contributing to the music education of others. From my early days in Moscow to my current endeavors in this country, I have strived to grow as an artist and educator. I am excited about the future and the opportunities to continue learning, improving, and making a difference in the world of music.

Instrument / Discipline

  • Piano

Spoken languages

  • English
  • Russian

Specialized in

  • Youth (7-17)
  • Adults (18+)
  • Young Children (under 7)
  • Beginner/Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Teaches At

  • Music school
  • Online
  • Student's home
  • Teacher's studio

Specialist designation

  • Piano - Advanced
  • Piano - Elementary
  • Piano - Intermediate
  • Theory - Elementary
  • Theory - Intermediate


  • 2010 - Doctoral Degree in Piano Performance - UMKC-Conservatory of Music
  • 2002 - Artist Diploma - Oberlin Conservatory
  • 2000 - Bachelor’s; Master's Degrees - Gnessin Russian Academy of Music

School Associations

  • Music Teachers National Association - National
  • New Jersey Music Teachers Association - Provincial / State
RCM Credentials
RCM Certified