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Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio

Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio

At Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio, we help people of all ages become better speakers, performers, and communicators. We welcome all students, from aspiring actors, to shy kids, from competition award winners to beginners, both native English speakers, and ESL speakers. Give your child the skills that will help them achieve their dreams in life: Speech Arts gives young people the increased confidence and poise they need to get the most out of school, social interactions and future opportunities. At Viva Voce we challenge our students to speak up, speak clearly and speak with confidence so they can use the power of their voice to help them reach their potential.

Instrument / Discipline

  • Speech & Drama

Spoken languages

  • English

Specialized in

  • Youth (7-17)
  • Adults (18+)
  • Young Children (under 7)
  • Beginner/Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Teaches At

  • Music school
  • Online
  • Teacher's studio


  • 2014 - ARTC - RCM
  • 2011 - ATCL - Trinity College London

Professional development

  • Voice Intensive - Voice Instruction from Canada's top Voice Teachers - 2013