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Discover the RCM Certificate Program

The RCM Certificate Program is a leveled program of achievement for students that develops all of their skills as musicians, from performing to sightreading to ear training. Teachers who submit students regularly enjoy the rewards of a strong studio, a reputation for quality teaching, and higher retention. Plus, as an RCM teacher, we’re here for you every step of the way with resources to help you.
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RCM Showcases

Psychological Factors in Online Music Education

(PRE-RECORDED SESSION - Saturday, July 10, 1p.m. CT)
In this workshop, Dr. Hutchins will discuss how psychological factors such as performance anxiety, goal setting, and encoding specificity can affect music education as it moves online, and present new RCM research on responses to online exams.

Presenter: Dr. Sean Hutchins

The New RCM Violin Series: The Complete Support System to Your Teaching

(PRE-RECORDED SESSION - Friday, July 9, 12p.m. CT)

Discover what the new RCM Violin Series has to offer in this exclusive unveiling. You'll find a complete system to support your teaching at every stage of your student's musical development. This series of books covers technique, repertoire and musicianship skill building in sequential levels, offering an integrated and comprehensive solution for teaching materials.

Presenter: Barry Shiffman

RCM Video Series

Getting Started

Learn more about how to Get Started with RCM Certificate Program in your teaching.

Become a Certified Teacher

RCM Certified Teachers are lifelong learners who share a commitment to building a brighter future for music education. Teacher Certification provides teachers with ways to connect with more students, free access to supportive resources and an exam each year, and discounts at our bookstore and for our professional development courses. Learn more about how to become a member of our RCM Certified Teacher community.


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