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How to Qualify for RCM Teacher Certification

How to Qualify for RCM Teacher Certification

Review our rubrics to see if you qualify. Teachers who meet the criteria in multiple disciplines (i.e. Piano, Theory, Voice) will receive all applicable specialist designations, at no additional cost. Click on one of the links below depending upon your area of specialty:

You can also qualify once you successfully complete the RCM Online Piano Teacher Course, submit 2 successful piano exam candidates at the required levels within two years, and hold the RCM Level or equivalent training that corresponds with that designation.
Online Piano Teacher Courses
Gain expertise in teaching Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced Piano students

Apply Now in 3 Easy Steps

Please note: You will need to have your RCME number on hand for this process. 

1. Log in to your My RCM account

2. On your My RCM page, fill out the My Experience Form (found in the navigation menu on the left) 

  • Click the "Add" button after completing the information requested in each line
  • Once you've filled out the entire form, click "Save Teacher Details and Apply for Teacher Certification"

3. Proceed to payment page 

  • You will be prompted to enter your RCME number here
  • You can pay in full or in three (3) monthly installments of $83.

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