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RCM Teacher Certification Renewal

RCM Teacher Certification Renewal

For two years you’ve enjoyed all the benefits of RCM Teacher Certification. It will soon be time to renew your Certification status to retain your access to these exclusive benefits.

  • Top-tier Listing in the RCM National Music Teacher Directory (RCM Certified Teachers receive referrals at a rate of 4:1)
  • Custom Marketing Materials
  • Printable RCM Certified Teacher Business Card 
  • 20% discount in the RCM online bookstore
  • Annual complimentary Elementary Exam ($138 value)
  • Private Online Discussion Groups (see a sample discussion from the Intermediate Specialist group)
  • Dedicated Teacher Services support
  • “Ask an Examiner” Q&A forum in the Certified Teacher Portal

Renewal Requirements

RCM Certification is valid for a two-year period. 24 months after receiving full certification you must have submitted the renewal fee and met the following requirements to remain certified:

  1. Submitted at least 4 successful RCM examination candidates (can be a combination of practical and/or theory)
  2. Completed 10 hours of eligible RCM professional development* 
  3. Updated and/or confirmed your online teacher profile

* Professional Development (PD) can consist of any courses, workshops, or other continuing education that you’ve completed.  Other PD could be attending music teacher conferences, watching videos, reading articles or music books, participating in RCM Facebook groups, attending concerts, or participating in discussions with other music teachers.  To collect this information, an online form will be sent to you after you have submitted your renewal fee to complete as part of your renewal process.  The link to this form will be included in your proof of payment email.

Renew Teacher Certification

Please make sure that you are logged into the app before clicking 'renew'. 

Everyone wants the best. So to see that association with the The Royal Conservatory is really crucial for some parents. -Rudin, RCM Certified Teacher

As teachers, it can be hard to not jump in right away to assist our students when the have difficulty answering a question. I have learned an effective way to ensure my students' engagement and comprehension is to ask questions and wait for the answer, even if it takes a little while. -Alicia, RCM Certified Teacher

The best way to stay 'filled up' is to listen, learn, and be inspired by different approaches, and to invest in ourselves. RCM Teacher Certification allows us to do just that. -Swan, RCM Certified Teacher

There are so many fantastic resources. Things that made me stop and think. -Peter, RCM Certified Teacher

I appreciate the videos, seminars, and worksheets that come with being an RCM Certified Teacher. They support me as I work to help my students flourish. -Debbie, RCM Certified Teacher