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COVID-19 Employee Declaration

COVID-19 Employee Declaration
IN CONSIDERATION of The Royal Conservatory of Music (“RCM”), permitting you to enter, access, attend, use, enjoy, or work within both or either The TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, which includes Koerner Hall, and 180 Bloor Street West, suites 601 and 602 (collectively, “RCM Facilities”), you hereby:

1.  ACKNOWLEDGE, AGREE, and UNDERSTAND that you are choosing to enter RCM Facilities voluntarily and that RCM is taking prudent steps to implement appropriate safety protocols within RCM Facilities in accordance with public health and Government directives, but RCM cannot provide absolute assurance you that you will not contract or transmit Covid-19;

2.  FURTHER AGREE and DECLARE that you will conform to any and all directives, recommendations, orders, or protocols given by any local government or health authority, or which may be implemented by RCM, in relation to Covid-19 safety (collectively, the “Protocols”), for the entire duration of your attendance at RCM Facilities.  This includes, but is not limited to, quarantine periods (if applicable), active screening (including temperature checks), wearing masks, gloves, personal protective equipment where required, physical distancing, the increased use of online tools, training and otherwise observing all reasonable safety protocols as imposed by RCM or under applicable legislation.  You also AGREE that you will not enter RCM Facilities under any circumstances if you feel unwell, have a fever, exhibit a cough, are experiencing any other similar symptoms associated with Covid-19, have any reason to believe you may be infected with Covid-19, or if you have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.  Similarly, should these circumstances occur while at the RCM Facilities you will immediately advise management and take steps to withdraw yourself from the RCM Facilities and advise management if you had close personal contact with anyone within the RCM Facilities.;
This form is temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Normal service will resume on Friday, October 6, 2023. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience..
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