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March Break & Summer Camps - Medical Form

Oscar Peterson School of Music - Camps Medical Form
Please fill out and submit a medical form for reach camper before their first day at camp. This information is referred to in case of a medical emergency and is retained by the Oscar Peterson School only for the duration of your camper's time at camp.
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Child's Information

Parent/Guardian Contact Information



Additional Pick-Up Information

Please include the names of any additional guardians who are permitted to pick-up your camper. For your safety, campers are not permitted to be sent home with a guardian who is not included on their approved pick-up list, including family/guardians of other campers. Any additional pickup names must be sent in advance in writing to [email protected] and confirmed by the Programs Coordinator for approval.



Medical Information

Does your child require an EpiPen?

Has your child recently had a cold/flu/infection?

Does your child have any behavioural/social/emotional needs?

Medical Restriction(s) Acknowledgement

I hereby certify that my child has no medical restrictions or concerns prohibiting him/her from participating in any day camp activities. Should the need arise, permission is granted to The Royal Conservatory and/or its representative to transport my child to a local hospital for medical treatment if necessary.