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Music Appreciation Course Feedback

Music Appreciation Course Feedback
Thank you for joining us for Music Appreciation at the Royal Conservatory School. If you would like to provide course feedback or suggestions for improvement, please complete the survey below.

Your feedback will be considered to inform future Music Appreciation course planning at the Royal Conservatory School and will also be anonymously shared with the course instructor. If you have further comments or questions, please email [email protected] or visit for more Music Appreciation courses at the Royal Conservatory School.
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The instructor was prepared for each lecture.

The instructor was knowledgeable about the course material.

The instructor was engaging and explained concepts clearly.

The instructor interacted with students respectfully and thoughtfully, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The course length was appropriate for the course content.

This course was taught at the right level for me, given my pre-existing knowledge of the topic.

This course met my expectations.

I would recommend this course to a friend.

Overall, how would you rate this course?