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Remote Exam Practical Program Form

Remote Exam Practical Program Form
Candidates are expected to have prepared Repertoire, Etudes, Technical Tests, Ear Tests and Sight Reading from the most current edition of the appropriate syllabus. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation of your submission.
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Candidate Name
RCME Number
Confirmation Number
Date and Time of Examination
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
1) Choose the order of your examination (Ear Tests & Sight Reading will be conducted at the end):

2) In the Ear Tests section, will you identify or sing intervals?

List your Repertoire selections and Etudes/Orchestral Excerpts in the order in which you will be playing them:

Repertoire 1

Repertoire 1 - Memorized

Repertoire 2

Repertoire 2 - Memorized

Repertoire 3 (if applicable)

Repertoire 3 - Memorized

Repertoire 4 (if applicable)

Repertoire 4 - Memorized

Repertoire 5 (if applicable)

Repertoire 5 - Memorized

Repertoire 6 and/or Teacher's Choice (if applicable)

Repertoire 6 - Memorized

Etude or Excerpt 1

Etude or Excerpt 2 (if applicable)

Viva Voce

IMPORTANT: Candidates taking Part 2: Viva Voce examination for Teacher’s ARCT or Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Piano Pedagogy examinations should print out their respective Examination Program forms from this page of our website, complete it, scan it and upload it below.