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RCM Alumni Dominate CBC’s Top 30 List of Young Classical Musicians for 2022

RCM Alumni Dominate CBC’s Top 30 List of Young Classical Musicians for 2022

Published on August 9, 2022

The CBC has published its annual list of Top 30 Classical Musicians Under 30 and, once again, among the celebrated Canadian artists earning acclaim and attention at international competitions and performances are many alumni of The Royal Conservatory. 

They all share the experience of pursuing musical studies through the RCM Certificate Program – The Royal Conservatory's acclaimed system of private education and examinations – or through the professional programs of The Glenn Gould School including The Rebanks Family Fellowship and International Performance Residency Program, and/or The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists

We congratulate and look forward to seeing what the future holds for all of these bright musicians. Here are The Royal Conservatory Students and Alumni on CBC’s “30 Under 30” List (2022 Edition): 

  • Joanne Yesol Choi, cellist (Toronto, ON) graduate of The Taylor Academy, member of The Dior Quartet, the 2021-22 Quartet in Residence at GGS, and a 2021-22 Rebanks Fellow 
  • Johnathan Devey, pianist (North Saanich, BC) RCM Certificate Program 
  • Sarah Dufresne, soprano, (Niagara Falls, ON) RCM Certificate Program 
  • Stephen Eckert, pianist (Stephenville, NL) RCM Certificate Program 
  • India Gailey, cellist and composer (Halifax, NS) RCM Certificate Program 
  • Dale Jeong, cellist (Toronto, ON) RCM Certificate Program and graduate of The Taylor Academy
  • Lexie Krakowski, cellist (Victoria, BC) RCM Certificate Program and student of The Glenn Gould School 
  • Brayden Krueger, percussionist (Richmond, BC) graduate of The Glenn Gould School 
  • Vivian Kukiel, violinist (Toronto, ON) RCM Certificate Program and graduate of The Taylor Academy  
  • William Leathers, trumpeter (Mississauga, ON) RCM Certificate Program 
  • BoKun (Brayden) Liu, pianist (Richmond, BC) RCM Certificate Program 
  • Jonathan Mak, pianist (Thornhill, ON) RCM Certificate Program 
  • Katharine Petkovski, composer, pianist and producer (Toronto, ON) RCM Certificate Program 
  • Simon Proulx, clarinetist (Winnipeg, MB) RCM Certificate Program 
  • Anna Stube, violinist (Calgary, AB) RCM Certificate Program 
  • Victoria Wong, pianist (Richmond Hill, ON) RCM Certificate Program and graduate of The Taylor Academy 
  • Brooklyn Wood, violinist, composer, conductor (Fort Langley, BC) RCM Certificate Program 
  • Vanessa Yu, pianist (Richmond Hill, ON) RCM Certificate Program 

Joanne Yesol Choi

Vivian Kukiel

Brayden Krueger

Lexie Krakowski