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Smart Start: 0-12 Months

Smart Start: 0-12 Months
Smart Start Classes
  • Available:  September 28, 2022 - May 26, 2023
  • Days:  Wednesday;Friday
  • Time:  11:00 - 11:45 am
  • Instructor:  Ewa Krzatala, Michaela Tomiska
  • Discipline:  Early Childhood (Smart Start)
  • Course Type:  Early Childhood, Group Classes, Smart Start
  • Student Type:  0-12 months, Early Years (0-7)
  • Difficulty:  Beginner

Course Description

All early years programming is delivered in person. 

Students will also be provided with their own Instrument Kit* and Songbook, which they will be expected to bring to each class.

*Kits and Songbooks not provided for Summer Term classes, however families will have in-class access to all the required instruments and materials.

Enjoy rhythms and rhymes, learn some new lullabies, and have fun with your little one!

My child's birthday happened before the Summer Term. Shouldn't they move to the next level/age group?

Summer Smart Start is a stand-alone program designed to consolidate learning at the end of a term for current students or give new students an introduction to the program. As with all Smart Start classes, the program is organized by birth year to allow us to plan appropriately for the learning needs and experience level of the children. Current students remain in their own cohort to prepare for the next level of Smart Start in September.
Children are naturally curious about music from a very early age, and the positive atmosphere of this class helps foster lifelong connections with music, builds strong parent-child emotional bonds, and provides a weekly forum for social interaction. The goal of this course is to expose you and your child to the basic concepts of music through sensory awareness and self-creation, with particular attention paid to beat, rhythm, and listening skills.

Infants are just beginning to explore the world around them, and that includes their musical world. Even before they are born, children can hear music all around them, and our classes start from the very beginning. In this class, you and your child will start to learn about the fundamentals of music through movement, singing, and play. The course is designed to foster basic cognitive skills through a musical framework, and to help parents and caregivers learn ways to interact with the child through music. A typical class begins with a greeting song, followed by gentle bouncing games, finger plays, movement, and many songs. The class concludes with lullabies or other songs for all to enjoy.

A parent or guardian accompanies their child for each class for the full session.

Students are registered by age as of December 31.

Smart Start: 0-12 Months

Date Time Instructor
Winter Smart Start – Exploring Together!
(Babies born in 2022)
Wed Feb 8-May 17, 2023 11-11:45 am Ewa Krzatala $375 CLOSED
Winter Smart Start – Exploring Together!
(Babies born in 2022)
Fri Feb 10-May 26, 2023 11-11:45 am Michaela Tomiska $375 CLOSED