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Smart Start: 5 Years

Smart Start: 5 Years
Smart Start Classes
  • Available:  September 24, 2022 - June 4, 2023
  • Instructor:  Bahareh Ameri, Beth Brownell Eaton, Colleen Didur, Bailey Grineage, Ewa Krzatala
  • Discipline:  Early Childhood (Smart Start)
  • Course Type:  Early Childhood, Group Classes, Smart Start
  • Student Type:  5 and 6 years, Early Years (0-7)
  • Difficulty:  Beginner

Course Description

All early years programming is delivered in person. 

Families will be provided with their own Songbook, which the student will be expected to bring to each class. Students also will have in-class access to instruments needed for each session. 

Songbooks not provided for Summer Term classes.

Around the five-year mark, children make huge developmental leaps and begin to actively create with what they've learned.

My child's birthday happened before the Summer Term. Shouldn't they move to the next level/age group?

Summer Smart Start is a stand-alone program designed to consolidate learning at the end of a term for current students or give new students an introduction to the program. As with all Smart Start classes, the program is organized by birth year to allow us to plan appropriately for the learning needs and experience level of the children. Current students remain in their own cohort to prepare for the next level of Smart Start in September.
The study of musical concepts through singing, movement and instruments is a key component of this class.

Teachers lead the class through pedagogy designed to improve children's senses of rhythm, metre, melody, pitch, timbre and the beginning of harmony. Basic melodic phrasing and rhythmic notation are introduced, leading to a solid rudimentary understanding of musical form.

At age five, children have a rich inner mental life, and Smart Start music classes are designed to support and build off their increased cognitive abilities. These classes focus on musical skills that utilize these new skills, such as audiation, musical form, and beat and rhythm activities. Because of their increasing communication skills, teachers in these courses also focus on providing musical terminology to help children articulate their musical knowledge.

In this course, students will be given a solid musical foundation to support their future musical activities and explorations. By the end of the course, the children will be able to recognize, repeat, and write basic rhythmic and melodic notation--valuable skills in their future formal Royal Conservatory musical training.

Students are registered by age as of December 31.

Smart Start: 5 Years

Time Dates Instructor
Full Year Smart Start – Get Creative! (Birth Year 2017)  Sat 10:30-

Sep 24, 2022-
Jun 3, 2023

Bahareh Ameri $995 SOLD OUT
Full Year Smart Start – Get Creative! (Birth Year 2017)  Sat 11:00am-
Sep 24, 2022-
Jun 3, 2023
Beth Brownell Eaton $995 SOLD OUT
Full Year Smart Start – Get Creative! (Birth Year 2017)  Sat 1:15-
Sep 24, 2022-
Jun 3, 2023
Ewa Krzatala $995 SOLD OUT
Winter Term* Smart Start – Get Creative! (Birth Year 2017)  Sun 10:45-
Oct 16, 2022-
Jun 11, 2023
Colleen Didur $497.50 Register
Winter Term* Smart Start – Get Creative! (Birth Year 2017)  Sun 12:30-
Oct 2, 2022-
Jun 4, 2023
Bailey Grineage $497.50 Register
Full Year Smart Start – Get Creative! (Birth Year 2017)  Mon 5:00-
Sep 26, 2022-
May 29, 2023
Ewa Krzatala $995 SOLD OUT

*Students enrolling in this Winter Term class are joining a full-year activity already in progress. At this level of learning families can feel confident that their child will learn and progress even if they are joining part way through the year.