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Strings: Small Ensemble - Violin Class (Intermediate & Advanced)

Strings: Small Ensemble - Violin Class (Intermediate & Advanced)
Ensembles for School-Aged Children
  • Available:  September 23, 2023 - June 2, 2024
  • Instructor:  Kelly Parkins-Lindstrom
  • Discipline:  Strings, Violin, Suzuki Violin
  • Course Type:  Small Ensembles, Suzuki Strings (MEPlus)
  • Student Type:  School Aged (4-17)
  • Difficulty:  Intermediate, Advanced

Course Description

Violin Class is an opportunity for intermediate and advanced students to play in a group setting and work on repertoire together.

Students should be a minimum of Royal Conservatory Level 6 and above for participation in this ensemble with acceptance based on placement audition.

Repertoire exploration will be chosen based on the stage and experience of participants with the goal of providing composer variety and skill contrast. Weekly orchestral excerpts and technique focus within the class is based on the requirements in the Violin Syllabus, 2021 Edition, in preparation towards examinations. Exploration of the viola will be experienced during the course of the year.

Two concerts at the completion of terms in addition to an off site opportunity are highlights of the year.

Required Materials: TBC

Students not in the Music Enrichment Program will need to participate in a placement audition before registering. Please contact [email protected] for more details.
Enjoy making music with others!

Strings: Small Ensemble - Violin Class (Intermediate & Advanced)

Full Year

September 23, 2023 -June 2, 2024
Instructor: Kelly Parkins Lindstrom
Tuition: $665

Violin Class - Advanced (Levels 9 & 10)
12:45-1:45 pm

Violin Class - Intermediate (Levels 6, 7, & 8)
3:00-4:00 pm