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Before Your Practical Exam

Before Your Practical Exam

Please review this material at least 24 to 48 hours prior to your exam in order to be adequately prepared.

How to Set Up Your Remote Exam

This document includes important information on how to set up for your Remote Exam. Please read it at least 48 hours prior to your exam.

Accessing your Zoom Exam Meeting Room

You should access the link to your Zoom exam through your MyRCM account.  Once you have logged in, go to My Exams and Results-reschedule here and select the Family Member taking the exam.  The "Start Exam" button (see below) will only activate 5 MINUTES BEFORE the exam.  Please use this method to enter your exam room as we may have to change exam rooms at the last-minute due to unforeseen circumstances with other exam candidates.  This link will be accurate.  Please do not use the link provided in the emails. If you do not copy and paste it correctly, you will be asked for a password that is embedded in the link. 

Zoom Exam Meeting Room

"Leave the Meeting" When Your Exam is Over

It is very important that you do this by clicking on the "Leave Meeting" button on the bottom right hand corner of your Zoom screen once your exam is over. If you do not do this, you are "locking out" others which means that they cannot do their exam. 

Prepared Sight-Reading

Your sight reading is available through your MyRCM account.  Once you have logged in, go to My Exams and Results and select the Family Member taking the exam.  It will be provided no later than 22 hours before your exam. You will also receive it via email.

  • It is from "No-Reply" ([email protected]

  • The subject line is:  RCM Remote Exam Sight-Reading Material

Unable to Connect to Your Exam Room?

A reminder that you should be connecting to your exam room at least 5 minutes prior to your exam start time.  Please use the Zoom link located in your MyRCM account.  If you are unable to connect to your exam room and/or meet your examiner within the next 30 minutes after your exam has started, please submit this form and we will respond within one business day (Monday to Friday). Any submissions about an exam that has not yet happened will not be responded to.

Zoom Resources

Please download Zoom 5.0 at least 24 hours prior to your exam otherwise Zoom will force the upgrade the next time you use it which may delay your entry into your exam room. Learn more here.

Additional Resources