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The Glenn Gould School Scholarships

The Glenn Gould School Scholarships

Scholarships are a catalyst to developing one of our most precious resources: artists. They are investments in some of our most talented and deserving students at a vital time in their artistic development. 

Our committed donors and gifted recipients talk about what GGS scholarships mean to them:

By Becoming a GGS Scholarship Donor:

  • You enable talented young artists to focus entirely on developing their talent without the distraction and pressure of financial uncertainty 

  • You help keep top Canadian students in this country and attract the best international talent to strengthen the musical fabric of Canada

  • You develop a unique bond with your recipients that often continues after they graduate and begin gracing the great stages of the world

To discuss how you can change the life of the young artist through a scholarship, please contact the Associate Director, The Glenn Gould School and Conservatory Circle.

To learn about other ways to give including the Dean's Fund for The Glenn Gould School or Resounding! The Campaign for The Royal Conservatory, please visit the Support Us page.