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Donors Make New RCM Music Education Directory a Reality

Donors Make New RCM Music Education Directory a Reality
Teacher and student playing piano
Thanks to funding provided by the Henry Hung Family and by Rosamond Ivey, music education has become more accessible with the creation of the RCM Music Education Directory. The new platform aims to address gaps in the area of independent music education by creating a comprehensive virtual directory where students and parents can connect with teachers and music schools.
“This is a turning point for music education,” says Patrick Duperré, Senior Vice President, RCM Learning Systems. “The transformational gifts from the Henry Hung Family and from Rosamond Ivey have allowed The Royal Conservatory to dramatically enhance its activities as an education facilitator.”
The Royal Conservatory and its widely used Certificate Program are a cornerstone of Canada’s music education system. With the rapid decline of music instruction in public schools, this infrastructure has become more important than ever as a means of fostering the creativity, innovative thinking and social connection that music study promotes.
The new RCM Music Education Directory allows teachers to create a detailed profile in the online database, which parents and students can then search to find and connect with their ideal teacher. The system provides a place for teachers to highlight their achievements, philosophies and specialties and offers a level of trust for those seeking teachers entrenched in the RCM curriculum.
“The RCM Music Education Directory enables meaningful matches between teachers and students. The gifts have resulted in powerful enhancements to the platform,” elaborates Duperré. “Among them is a feature allowing students to find teachers best positioned to help their specific areas and desired learning goals. Students who need extra attention in specific areas can be matched with teachers possessing special needs certifications, those specializing in beginner levels, those who offer remote group lessons, and other student-centric specifications. We are grateful to our visionary donors, who through their generosity, are strengthening music education systems and the artistic vitality of communities across North America.”