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The Royal Occasion

The Royal Occasion

Full Performances:

This year, the Royal Occasion was dedicated to the remarkable efforts and achievements of Dr. Peter Simon, whose three decades at The Conservatory have had a singularly lasting impact. Together, we were able to not only honor Peter’s legacy but raise vital funds to advance The Conservatory’s mission of developing human potential through leadership in music and the arts.

We would like to thank everybody who participated and helped make this evening a very special occasion.

To see performances and videos from the evening, please visit this page.

Commemorative Program Book


Alexander Brose, Dr. Peter Simon and Tim Price

Alexander Brose, Rayla Myhal, Dr. Peter Simon

Alexander Brose, Jill Schnarr, Darren Entwistle, Dr. Peter Simon

Royal Conservatory Orchestra with Maestro Earl Lee

The Royal Conservatory Orchestra with Maestro Earl Lee and Soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian

The Royal Conservatory Orchestra with Maestro Earl Lee and Violinist Blake Pouliot

Jazz Artist-in-Residence, Robi Botos

Robi Botos and Jens Lindemann

Art Of Time Ensemble

Denise Donlon

Dr. Peter Simon

Tim Price, Chair of The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Board of Directors

Diane Werner Simon and Alexander Brose


Event Co-chairs:
Rayla & George Myhal

Honorary Co-chairs:
Louise & James Temerty


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Celebration Sponsor:

Heather Edwards



Commemorative Program Sponsor:
Commemorative Program Sponsor

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Henry & Margaret Hung
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KPMB Architects
Linda Brennan & Michael Foulkes
The Michael & Sonja Koerner Charitable Foundation
Paul & Kaye Beeston
Rebanks Family
Ron Bresler & Erin Donohue
Roz Ivey
Tim & Frances Price


Around The Table
Contemporary Furniture Rentals
Emblem Flowers
Event Rental Group


Brookfield Partners Foundation
George & Kathleen Davie
John E. Macfarlane