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Remote Exams
RCM Remote Examinations

Music Without Boundaries

Your students can earn their comprehensive RCM Certificate from the comfort of home! Remote Exams offer music study without boundaries. Your students can complete their practical (instrumental) and theory (written) requirements in their own practice space, on their own instrument, at their own pace, with no travel time. All while continuing their musical education with you.


What is a Remote Exam?

A Remote Exam is an alternative format of the traditional in-person RCM examination. An RCM examination is a globally standardized assessment conducted by an independent examiner. This standardization provides students, parents and teachers the opportunity to track and measure progress as well as celebrate achievements within the RCM Certificate Program.

With a Remote Exam, the same assessment can be completed by the same College of Examiners, but remotely. This format eliminates time spent on coordinating exam location selections and travel on exam day.

All that’s required to complete a Remote Exam is:

  • A smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a camera and microphone
  • Internet access
  • An instrument (for practical examinations)

Online Theory Exams

For online theory exams, your students will also receive the added bonus of corresponding course material that can be used in conjunction with in-person theory lessons. Available for intermediate and advanced levels, these course materials provide students with the ability to continue their learning outside of their weekly lessons. Students can progress in their theory development at the pace they desire and complete the online theory exam whenever the student is ready.

Resources for Remote Exams

Teaching Music Online

Webinars and Series

  • Webinars

    How to Teach Music Online - Webinar Series

    Space is limited. The webinar will be recorded and emailed to you for your reference if you are unable to attend or RSVP.  When you RSVP, you should receive a confirmation email. If not, please check your Spam folder. If you have RSVP’d but can no longer attend, please cancel your registration through the link provided in your RSVP confirmation email. This will allow others the opportunity to participate.

    Join us for a brand-new webinar series created just for you! In these sessions, industry experts will share information about best practices, strategies and resources to help you transition to online music teaching. As an industry leader in the development of online music learning, we want to help make your online teaching experience as rewarding and effective as possible. Each webinar will tackle a different challenge, providing solutions and guidance on how to make every online lesson with your student a success!
  • Successful Preparation for Remote Exam Video Series

    RCM Certificate Program Video Series - Spring 2020

    This series of videos was created by distinguished members of the RCM College of Examiners to share information and insights into successful preparation for RCM remote exams for both practical and theory. The goal of the videos is to provide guidance and support for teachers in helping their students transition to online exams. After watching the videos, teachers will have a clearer sense of what to expect in their students’ remote exams and will be better equipped to support them with confidence and enthusiasm.


    Video 1: What to Expect During Remote Practical Exams

    This video provides an introduction to and overview of the remote exam experience, including  a review of the scheduling process, a walk through all the components of the exam, and an explanation of  how exams will unfold in the remote exam situation. A panel of examiners who were involved in the remote exam beta testing share their experiences and insights, along with demonstrations of exam components and tips to ensure a successful and positive experience for students.

    Watch Now


    Video 2: Theory Levels 5 – 8: Transitioning from Written Preparation to Online Exams

    In this video, Maria Case and Janet Lopinski explore the similarities and differences between written and online theory examinations. The presentation explores examples of how traditional theory concepts are tested in the online environment, and shares ideas and specific activities to help your students make a smooth transition from written preparation to the online exam.

    Watch Now


    Video 3: History Levels 9  – ARCT:  Transitioning from Written Preparation to Online Exams

    This video compares the traditional written history examinations at Level 9, 10 and ARCT with the online experience. A review of online exam question categories, including the listening component and comparative essays is complemented with strategies for guiding students through a rewarding and enriching transition to a successful exam experience.

    Watch Now


    Video 4: Successful Preparation for Remote Elementary and Intermediate Piano Exams

    A panel of expert piano teachers and examiners shares ideas on how to prepare students for their first remote exam experience. The discussion includes strategies and time-lines for preparation, challenges and benefits of remote preparation, and aspects of evaluation.

    Coming on May 29!


    Video 5: Successful Preparation for Remote Elementary Instrumental Exams

    A panel of expert teachers and examiners shares ideas on how to prepare students for their first remote exam experience.  The discussion includes strategies and time-lines for preparation, aspects of evaluation, and specific challenges associated with preparing for instrumental examinations without a collaborative pianist.

    Coming on June 5!


    Video 6: Successful Preparation for Remote Advanced Level Practical  Exams

    This video explores preparation strategies for remote advanced level exams. Experienced diploma level examiners and master teachers share insights and ideas on how to make the best of available resources to prepare a YouTube video that shows each student at their best!

    Coming on June 12!


    Video 7: A Peek into the Exam Room: Musicianship Test  Demonstrations

    The final video of the series consists of demonstrations of remote ear tests and prepared sight reading, from the Preparatory Level through to Level 10. 

    Coming on June 19!

Theory Videos