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Recognizing Achievement - Canada

Recognizing Achievement - Canada


Certificates are awarded at every level to all candidates who have successfully completed the requirements for practical and theory examinations. Certificates are mailed in February, May, July, and October to eligible candidates. Please allow 2-3 months for delivery.


The Associate Diploma (ARCT) and the Licentiate Diploma (LRCM) are the highest academic standings awarded by the RCM Certificate Program.  The ARCT is available for Performance (all instruments), Piano Pedagogy and Teacher (non-piano).  The LRCM is available for Piano Performance only.  

Diplomas are either given at annual Convocation ceremonies or mailed to graduates who are unable to attend.

High School Credits

Royal Conservatory certificates are eligible for secondary school credit in every province in Canada.

RCM Teachers of Distinction

RCM Teachers of Distinction are leaders in the field of music education, recognized for their contributions of creativity, dedication, innovation, and passion. Through their years of teaching experience, they provide mentorship to other teachers and instill a lifelong love of music in their students. RCM Teachers of Distinction are an inspiration to others and are influential in creating a brighter future for music education.

Awards and Prizes

In recognition of the dedication and hard work of those candidates who achieve outstanding results in their examinations, a number of awards and prizes are awarded each academic year by the RCM Certificate Program. All examination candidates are automatically eligible for awards and prizes (i.e., an application is not required). All awards are based on examination results.

Award Qualifications

Below are the updated RCM Certificate Program Awards requirements effective September 1, 2019.