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6Social is a professional learning program that supports social innovation initiatives in the classroom.  It is a problem-solving framework, optimized for Grade 4 to 12 educators, that uses arts-based methodologies and boosts deep learning skills such as:

  • Creativity

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Critical Thinking  

In this progressive program, educators learn and disseminate a simple and repeatable process for breaking a problem down into manageable pieces. 

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Why 6Social Works

Students learn to: Educators are supported through:
  • Break a problem into its constituent parts

  • Evaluate which tools and concepts are required to solve the problem

  • Gain the ability to apply prior learning to new problems

  • Online learning – educators learn how to use the program and apply it in their teaching

  • A community of like-minded teachers who meet monthly in facilitated live online sessions

  • Tools that can be used in the classroom

  • 6Social facilitators available to provide guidance throughout

$75 for 12 Months' Access - Special Introductory Price Available Only For a Limited Time!

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6Social also improves students’:

  • time/project management skills

  • lifelong problem-solving and critical thinking skills

  • effective use of digital tools and resources

By having students address academic and social issues that matter most to them, this program helps students improve their productivity in an engaging way. 


Future-Ready Learning Skills

6Social, developed by The Royal Conservatory’s Learning Through the Arts, is based on the principles of Design Thinking and utilizes deep learning skills in its framework approach to social innovation.

Creativity & Imagination



Critical Thinking


Character Education

​6Social employs project-based learning that can be used across a number of applications such as literacy, math, digital fluency, social studies, and entrepreneurship curriculum.

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“The students were able to come up with some strategies instead of us having to guide them through every little step of the way. It surprised me to see how independent they could be with this problem solving process.”

Karen Tetlock, Grade 7 teacher, Sagonaska 

“I think that it's a great program for instructors to use to really have kids slow down because every student wants to jump straight to a solution. And teachers, we are fixers, we like to solve problems as quickly as possible. So it really forces us to slow down with our teaching as well and have kids really take a look at a problem, dissect it, really think about the impact that it has and then building something strong.”

Tara Michel, Grade 7/8 Rotary teacher and school librarian, DSBN

“When I come in and teach, sometimes I’m not sure if what I’m teaching my students is relevant, or practical or something that they’re really, truly going to be able to use in their future lives and careers. I do feel that the things that I’m bringing to the class from 6 Social are things that no matter what comes, these are the skills that they’re going to be able to use.”

Josh Bateson, DSBN teacher

“I think that my confidence built in 6 Social because when you are solving a problem, you have to speak up with your way of solving it and you really have to explain yourself.”

Lauren, Grade 8 student DSBN

“I want to grow up to be a lawyer, so I think that it is good to have the skill to find a solution to the problem that we come up with.”

Nirmeen, Grade 8 student DSBN

$75 for 12 Months' Access - Special Introductory Price Available Only For a Limited Time!

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Terms and Conditions

6Social was created by The Royal Conservatory of Music’s Learning Through The Arts (LTTA) division which has been developing arts-based programs for the public education sector for 25 years. The mission of The Royal Conservatory is to develop human potential, and research shows that music and arts-based education has the proven ability to develop the mind and increase both IQ and EQ.  Through LTTA, the Conservatory has worked with hundreds of public sector schools across Canada impacting thousands of students. Learn more about LTTA's impact here.

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