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At Home Learning Through The Arts

At Home Learning Through The Arts
The Royal Conservatory’s Learning Through the Arts (LTTA) has been a leader in arts-based methodologies for the past 25 years. Providing K-12 teachers with innovative tools and resources to support inclusive student engagement has always been LTTA’s priority.

These unprecedented times have brought forward a new wave of creativity within our team. Fired by the need to keep learning moving forward, LTTA has developed new online resources that support learning and wellness at school and at home.  

YouthBeat provides a new way for students to express themselves musically using today’s technology. Designed for use by generalist Grade 4-8 teachers, it is a web app-based program that teaches students to listen with intent, and to think and create music like a composer/producer.

MathBeat - created with the help of a math specialist - adds connections to priority math concepts such as fractions, percentages, and decimals that grow naturally out of the functionality within the YouthBeat app.

To help teachers get even more out of YouthBeat, we’re developing short activities for special days such as Orange Shirt Day, Earth Day, and Pink Shirt Day, as well as culminating project ideas such as Year in Review.

LTTA’s partnerships with Calgary Board of Education (CBE), Vancouver School Board (VSB), and Toronto District School Board (TDSB), among others - have helped us better understand and meet the needs of teachers and students across Canada, and have led to the creation of two innovative teacher professional learning programs:
  • Developed with Indigenous Elders, Artists and Knowledge Keepers from across Canada, Walk the Circle assists educators in respectfully and appropriately teaching about Canada’s First Nations. 
  • 6 Social offers teachers and students a toolkit drawn from design thinking that is ideal for breaking down problems, encouraging persistence, and helping students communicate their ideas effectively using a variety of media.
If you have a resource need that you don’t see covered in the resources below, or have discovered new ways to connect our programming to curriculum, please let us know! Contact us at [email protected].

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