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MathBeat Teacher Workshops

MathBeat Teacher Workshops
Students and teacher at a laptop

Recharge your passion for math as you explore the math behind popular music with peers and artists

“Music is all about patterns and relationships. By showing these on a circular number line, we discovered math and music are deeply connected.” Shaun Elder, MathBeat co-creator

In a MathBeat workshop, teachers collaborate with peers and artists to brainstorm learning activities inspired by meaningful math-music connections. Schools can choose which math concept they want to explore, from fractions to financial literacy to common factors and much more.

Workshops are offered in three formats: virtual (60-90 minutes), half day on-site, and full day on-site.

  • In the 60-90 minute session, teachers explore one set of resources, discuss the math they see, and brainstorm ways to extend the learning
  • In the half day session, teachers also develop one of their ideas into a full learning activity.
  • In the full day session, teachers also produce resources such as short videos documenting the activity, and share and discuss their work.




“Thanks for a wonderful workshop, you have given me so much to think about.” OAME 2023 participant

“You’ve created a universal platform for learning”. Alberta Math Teacher at FirstSteam Banff conference

“Amazing presentation by wonderful presenters. Care to push forward in education was obvious! The Ministry and BCTF should take a look at these two to see what is important in education.” BC Math Teacher at Tapestry Conference

2023/24 Teacher Workshops

Schools, teacher unions, math consultants, or groups of teachers can arrange a MathBeat workshop.

Email us at [email protected] by June 30th to get early bird pricing discount of 10% off workshops.

Explore the rich ideas generated by teachers at a recent MathBeat workshop offered at OAME 2023:

Learn about the program behind the workshops

Click here to learn more about the MathBeat program resources behind the math-music workshops. Click here to visit our TikTok page with short videos that are perfect for use as MindsOn videos/provocation videos.