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Exclusive RCM Certified Teacher Benefits

Exclusive RCM Certified Teacher Benefits
Boost your studio’s visibility, update your online profile, enroll in audit courses, redeem your benefits, join the Certified Teacher online discussion community, and more!
    RCM Certified Teachers benefit from top-tier listing in the National Music Teacher Directory and a detailed public profile designed to increase referrals. You can choose what information is displayed; however, you must provide an address for the search function to work. For privacy reasons you may elect to have an intersection displayed rather than a specific street address. To opt in today, please visit “My Teacher Profile” scroll to the bottom of the page, select the checkbox next to “Do you want to be included in the teacher directory?” and click “Save.

    Our online Piano Teacher Courses are available in an audit version for all RCM Certified Teachers, regardless of your primary instrument. Browse the many informative and inspiring articles and videos presented by leading pedagogues from across North America without any homework! You are eligible to audit courses that directly correspond with the designation(s) you hold: Elementary, Intermediate, and/or Advanced.

    To access the courses you are eligible to audit:

    1.    Please visit your “My RCM” page
    2.    In the left sidebar under “My Learning” click on “My Courses, Learning, and Resources”
    3.    Scroll down below Four Star, History, and Theory to the “Piano Teacher Courses” section
    4.    Click on the course image to launch


    As an RCM Certified Teacher, you are entitled to one complimentary examination each year for an Elementary Level student (Preparatory – Level 4) who has never before taken an RCM exam.

    The deadline to request a complimentary examination is 5 business days before each exam session’s registration deadline. Please note that there are no refunds or credits for complimentary exams once the student has been registered.  

    Complimentary Exam Application


    Connect and Share with Like-Minded Professionals

    As an RCM Certified Teacher, you are a member of a distinguished community of like-minded professionals who inspire excellence in students and in each other. To join our private, moderated Facebook groups, click on one or more of the links below that correspond with your designation(s). Here is a conversation which took place in one of our groups recently.


    If you don’t have a Facebook account, visit and follow the instructions to “Sign Up.”


    With more than 250 celebrated teaching materials to support the examinations of The Royal Conservatory, the online bookstore provides teachers and students with unique teaching materials of the highest quality.

    RCM Certified Teachers enjoy 20% off all purchases at the RCM Online Bookstore.

    Visit Bookstore